English Kampoeng

What do you think in the first time when you hear it? Are people in here Englishmen? No. They’re Indonesian. Do you think you must use English as their language? Absolutely. You have to use English in here even though you only ask about direction to go somewhere. But, don’t be afraid of it. Some people in here know Indonesian and Javanese language too. Why Javanese language? Because the location of this kampoeng is Pare, Kediri, East Java.

The founder of this place is Mr. Kalend. He’s a real Indonesian who built one course and it’s called Basic English Course (BEC). It’s the first course in here until several courses have appeared. So, you can choose what programme you need. You can take a look of their brochures or private websites for the programmes. English courses in here are usually started the classes every month (10 and 25). It’s always crowded in the holiday. So, if you want to take the classes in holiday, you have to take a seat (purchase the course). Some courses develop their mechanism for registration without queue or run out of the seat. It’s online registration. So, you can choose what month you want to take the programme. In here, you can make some friends in here and maybe for love too if you’re lucky.

For living, you can rent a room in boarding house or a room in an English camp with some people. In English camp, you have to follow the rules if you don’t want to get punishment. It’s really different from boarding house. In here, you can rent a bicycle if you want to go around Pare, especially to withdraw money in ATM or to find some places that sell food. Some places are opened although you stay in Ramadhan month.

In here, you can visit Tugu Pare and Tugu Adipura too. Tugu Adipura is located in alun-alun of Pare. This tugu was made because this city was very clean. So, the government built it to appreciate this city.

Tugu Adipura at Night

It’s easy to come here from bus terminal or train station in Kediri. There’s a local transportation but it’s so rare and you can only find it from morning until afternoon around 4 pm. But, if you don’t like to use it, just call the travel agency. So, what’re you waiting for? Let’s talk in English.

If you’re looking for more information, please visit http://kampung-inggris.com/ or http://www.kampunginggris.co.id/


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