The Capital of Indonesia

Are you interested in Indonesia? Welcome to Indonesia. Indonesia has a lot of islands but it has five big islands. They’re Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Sulawesi, and Papua Island. They have many interesting places that can make you envy. But, some small islands have their beautiful sceneries too, like Bali, Lombok, Madura, Tidung, Halmahera, Batam, etc. You can find beautiful beaches in those islands.

So, which one do you like to go? Let’s go to Jakarta. Why do you have to look this city? Because it’s the capital of Indonesia. Sounds interesting? It’s the centre for economic Indonesia.

Jakarta is famous for traffic jam, hot city, and densely populated metropolitan area. But, don’t worry about it. You can see many places for hunting pictures, such as Old Town (Kota Tua) near Jakarta Kota Station, National Monument (Monas) near Gambir Station, Fantasi World (Dunia Fantasi), SeaWorld, and so on. These are the favorite places for visitors to go. In Old Town, you can see some museums like Fatahillah Museum, Puppet Museum, Stamp Museum, Bank of Indonesia Museum, and Bank Mandiri Museum. In here, you can find people who act like statue. They wear patriot clothes. We call it stone human. Then, you can also rent an old bicycle and takes some pictures near old cars. For some museums, you have to pay but the others are free of payment.

Inside and Outside of Fatahillah Museum

Bank of Indonesia Museum

In National Monument, there’s a big gold on the top of it. Besides that, you can look the stories of Indonesia if you enter it.

National Monument

How about Dunia Fantasi? It can refresh your mind and test your adrenaline. You can play several games, like kora-kora, hysteria, jet coaster, rafting, rajawali, tornado, kicir-kicir, star war, niagara, and so on. Furthermore, for the transportation, you can use train, bus, angkot, bajaj, or taxy to go around Jakarta. Don’t forget to ask anyone if you lose your way although you bring map or use GPS because Jakarta is a big city. So, have fun in Jakarta.

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