Welcome to Bogor

Do you know where’s the location of Bogor? Bogor is the part of Indonesia. It’s in West Java (Java Island). As we know, Bogor is famous for its rain. So that’s why, in this city, we can see Bogor Botanical Garden. Inside of Botanical Garden, we can see a lot of plants like trees, Rafflesia Arnoldi flower, lotus flowers, kinds of flowers, etc. Besides that, we can see Bogor Palace but we can’t go there because it’s forbidden except the celebration of Bogor City. We can enter this palace but we must enroll first then we have to use polite clothes like fabric clothes and long sleeve shirt. Then, we can feed up the deer too near the fence. If we want to go Botanical Garden, we can use public transportation. We called it angkot. There are a lot of angkot with several numbers that show about the route. We can use 02, 06, or 08 if we want to enter Bogor Botanical Garden. The fare is two thousand rupiah.

Bogor Botanical Garden

Near Botanical Garden, there’s a museum. It’s Zoology Museum. We can see a lot of animals that preserved in some glass boxes. Then, we can see other museums like PETA Museum, Perjuangan Museum, Soil Museum, Ethobotany Museum, etc.

Bogor has a unique traditional weapon. It’s called Kujang. We can see it in the center of the junction in front of Botani Square (mall). The building is named Tugu Kujang.

How about food? You must try toge goreng, asinan, roti unyil, talas, etc. They’re so delicious and not expensive. You can bring it to your hometown too.

Please visit http://www.bogist.com for further infomation about Bogor


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